Funeral Homes and Prices

You won’t believe the difference in prices between funeral homes – for the same things!


How to Shop for Cremation and Prices

If you are having cremation followed by a memorial service elsewhere, you can save a lot by not using a local funeral home.


Funeral Homes sorted by price of Immediate BURIAL
If you skip viewing and service at funeral home and just have a graveside service. you can save a lot by not using a local funeral home.

How to Save Money

Financial Assistance

Free cremation through Body Donation
Veteran’s Benefits
Medicaid Assistance
Crime Victims 
Infant Deaths
Indigent Deaths
Car Accidents


Thinking about pre-paying? We don’t recommend it except in certain circumstances such as spending down for Medicaid. See what the Funeral Consumers Alliance has to say about it here and the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs brief.

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