What is Immediate Burial?

It is a package the FTC requires all funeral homes to offer. You will see it listed on every General Price List with:

  • A price if you provide the casket/container
  • A price with an alternative container and a description (only required if they offer an alternative container)
  • A price (same as first) plus the cost of casket purchased from the funeral home

Facts About Immediate Burial

  • It is the least expensive burial option
  • The funeral director picks up the body, obtains necessary permits,  and arranges for the burial at the cemetery at a time convenient for them. They will still file the death certificate and place the obituary for you.
  • The body is buried in a simple “alternative” container instead of an expensive casket.*
  • There is no viewing or visitation (you can ask if you can pay the additional fee for a private family viewing) or any other body-present pre-burial activity. 
  • Most funeral directors will allow you to pay the additional fee to have a graveside service and/or for family to be present for the burial.
  • You can have a memorial service after the burial or at a later date anywhere you want for less than you’d pay at most funeral homes.

* You can pay more to upgrade if you want. Ask if they have any “cremation caskets” which can be wood veneer or print. There is no reason they can’t be used for burial.

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