COVID-19 and it’s Impact on Funeral and Cemetery Services

Updated February 12, 2021

Funeral homes need to follow the current guidelines of the CDC and the governor’s orders in regards to how many people can attend a service. It is generally a flat number and/or a percentage of the funeral homes capacity. 

Many cemeteries and crematories now have their own guidelines in effect for scheduling and family attending, so call and ask. 

Our Guidance

Shop around. Funeral homes vary in what they will and will not allow.

Make sure the funeral homes email you a copy of their price list.

After discussing arrangements, make sure they email you the estimate.

Strongly consider How to Shop for Direct Cremation ($750+) now and a memorial service later. If cremation is absolutely not an option, consider Immediate Burial ($1,095+) and a memorial service later.

If you are not having a service at the funeral home, do not fall for paying for a memorial service to be held at a later date. Once the body is cremated or buried, there is no need to have the memorial service at a funeral home, nor should you want to pay their exorbitant rates for the use of their often less than spectacular spaces. Have the memorial service at the grave site, a religious institution, club, home, garden, park, library, restaurant, etc.

Check the vehicle charges. If you are having a graveside service, no need for the rented hearse. Ask them to use the service vehicle and meet you at the cemetery.

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