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Books we recommend.

The American Way of Death Revisited
by Jessica Mitford, Published 1998,

First published in 1963, this book was an instant bestseller. It is not only an exposé of mortuary malpractice but also a sort of anthropological study of this strange subgroup of American culture, which is equipped with its own language, customs, and myths.

Most recently published in paper back in 2000; still worth reading.


  • Dealing Creatively with Death: A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial

    Available from Funeral Consumers Alliance of Princeton

    Cover Price $14.95 Sale Price: $6.00

    This manual covers everything from living with terminally ill individuals to the right to die, memorial societies, and death ceremonies. Its focus on the emotional and economic costs of death is unparalleled.


   The American Way of Death Revisited      $11.48



I Died Laughing: Funeral Education with a Light Touch    $8.75


Final Rights is the definitive book on the modern American funeral industry. Part exposé, part consumer manual, Final Rights will show you how to avoid the tricks of the funeral trade and find a send-off that fits your taste and your budget. 


Putting My House in Order: Information your survivors will need when you are no longer available.      $2.00

Prepared by Princeton Memorial Association, this is a helpful listing of all the things you want your loved ones to know before you go, presented as an easy-to-fill out workbook with space for your data.

You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto
by Margie Jenkins                         $10.00

Margie Jenkins makes both a keenly interesting and compelling case to readers that preparation for death and grief is the groundwork for living a bold and rewarding life.


  • Many free Pamphlets are available from the Funeral Consumers Alliance:
    CLICK HERE:   Informative free pamphlets

  • Federal Trade Commission “Consumers Guide to Funerals”
                 Consumers Guide to Funerals <-- In Spanish at this link also

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